Posted by: nazhasecret | August 29, 2007

Semangat Kemerdekaan Pak A’syiem

Wow..memang tak sangka Pak A’syiem masuk dalam paper NST…hehehe..bangga pun ade bila baca cerita Pak A’syiem…bangga sebab aku dapat bersua muka dan bertukar cerita ngan beliau (pasal bisnes dan pengalaman )..first time jumpa kat belakang Mydin area Masjid India,KL..dan kali kedua berjumpa kat LRT Bangsar,masa tu aku pegi ngan Amier aka Gibrael..Dan aku masih ingat lagi kereta Waja Pak A’syiem yang dicat ngn ‘Jalur Gemilang’..bukan setakat body kete je..kusyen dalam pun full set ngan ‘Jalur Gemilang’ ni…Tabik spring ar kat Pak A’syiem..salute & proud to be his young friend.. So kawan-kawan..leh baca cite lanjut pasal Pak A’syiem kebanggaan aku ni:

KUALA LUMPUR: In 1993, Hashim Mohamad decided to wear a songkok fashioned after the Jalur Gemilang to share in the joy of Merdeka. That earned him the nickname “Pak A’syiem Songkok”.

More than a decade later, his patriotic zeal extended to his newly-bought Proton Waja, which was decked out with the national and state flags.

The following year, he airbrushed his car with his own design of the Jalur Gemilang. It cost him RM8,000.

And with the country marking its 50th anniversary, Hashim, who is also celebrating his 50th birthday, has come up with another expression of national pride.

This time, the “canvas” for his masterpiece is his fourth-floor apartment in Pantai Dalam.
“Altogether, there are eight bunting-sized Jalur Gemilang used as curtains for the doors, another eight for the windows, one at the entrance, three sets of the flags of the various states, 14 medium-sized Jalur Gemilang hanging outside, another 50 smaller ones beside the 14 and two more at the stairs leading to the house.

“I have lost count of how many there are inside and around the house,” he said.

The flags are not the only thing adding festive cheer to his home. Hashim has also put up decorative lights resembling the Jalur Gemilang at the back of his apartment.

The Tenaga Nasional meter reader supervisor has also decorated his car with 50 Jalur Gemilang on the boot, an airbrushed image of the country’s five prime ministers, and the Federal Territory and state flags.

Hashim, who started wearing his special songkok and decorating his house and car since Aug 1, said the decorations would only be taken down after 50 days, which would be after Sept 19.

He spent RM6,000 for this year’s decorations, taking his total expenditure throughout the years to about RM20,000.

This includes the two sets of clothing made out of Jalur Gemilang which Hashim had been ordering each year since 2004 for himself and his wife.


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